The Best Way to get reviews is to ask.

Sounds easy enough. Just ask. But how many times do we or our staff not ask? Some people are uncomfortable asking. And, just because we ask it doesn’t mean that the customer will do it. Why? Three simple reasons.

  • They forget to
  • It’s too hard to do
  • They are too busy

MezinGO’s EZAsk technology makes it quick and easy to ask for a review at just the right moment. Without making even the most introverted feel uncomfortable. And because the steps are so easy for your customer, many more will respond, leaving you real, honest feedback.

  • 98% open rate of text invitation to review.
  • Single click technology to initiate leaving a review using phone or desktop.
  • Get honest, verified reviews from real customers quickly.
  • Online and offline tools to invite the customer for a review when they have time.
  • Our proprietary EZ-Ask technology collects positive reviews from happy customers.
  • Posts positive reviews on most review sites
  • Posts positive reviews to major social media platforms.
  • A personalized video message from you thanking them for their business and review.
  • Option to write or record a video review. Provide visual proof that customers are real.
  • Get feedback from unhappy customers, giving you the opportunity to resolve the issue, usually keeping a negative review off of the public review sites.
  • See Feedback From Your Customers At An Employee Level & Monitor Reviews 24/7
    Drive higher profits by connecting with your customers, while building a 5-star reputation online, monitor your employee’s performance while thwarting potential negative reviews.