Is your Advertising Putting Money in your competitors pockets?
It is if they have a better reputation than you do!

When you advertise on TV, radio, print, billboards, the side of your trucks or anywhere offline, people will only remember your name and city, not your website address. They search for you by business name and city. When they do, the first thing they see is your reputation. Want Proof?
If your reputation is weak or bad they will search again, this time for your keyword category i.e. Dentist, carpet cleaner etc. – Here they are presented a map displaying your competitors with stronger reputation profiles. Companies they would be comfortable doing business with.
  • The Traffic Hook feedback process filters and flags reviews based on the sentiment of the customer star rating.
  • Happy customers are directed to a simple thank you page with links to review sites like Google+, Yelp, Kudzu, etc. where they are greeted with video instructions on how to share their positive reviews.
  • Unhappy customers are flagged immediately and redirected to a customized feedback form which allows your customers to vent and share their concerns in private, not on a public website for the world to see.

4 Simple Steps to Get Started

  1. Choose which plan is best for your company and complete details about your business.
  2. Choose the Review sites you want to get reviews on – Yelp, Google Plus City Search, Travel Advisor etc.
  3. Add the code/plug-in to your web-site and choose the call to action. (We can do this for you)
  4. Get reviews, including video reviews from your customers. (We have lots of tools and techniques to help!)