Simple, Safe, Automated System To Build Your Reputation

  1. See Feedback From Your Customers At An Employee Level & Monitor Reviews 24/7
    Drive higher profits by connecting with your customers, while building a 5-star reputation online, monitor your employee’s performance and thwarting potential negative reviews.
  2. Asking For Feedback Is As Simple As Entering Your Customers Name & Email
    Customers are automatically sent an email with a unique tracking link that allows them to leave feedback quickly and easily online from their desktop or mobile device.
  3. Customer Completes Simple Form
    Using our Feedback Loop process, the customer enters their star rating and have the ability to leave a comment to quickly review their recent visit of the business.
  4. Intelligent Feedback Routing
    Software quickly captures feedback and directs customers to post the positive review online or flags a negative review for Immediate Attention by the business owner, allowing a quick resolution.
  5. Monitor Customer Feedback Down To An Employee or Department Level
    Our Revolutionary Feedback Dashboard will help you improve your overall understanding of customer service based on recent and historical feedback that can be drilled all the way down to an individual employee or department level.
  6. Build Your Brand Online and Rank Higher While Increasing Profits
    Positive reviews are heavily weighted and are a large contributing factor to your online ranking in search results. The more positive reviews your business can generate, the more likely additional customers will choose you!