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What makes you Write Reviews?

In a very interesting take on why consumers post reviews online,  Chad Brooks of  Daily News and a contributor to FoxBusiness takes on the topic of recency in online reviews. According to recent Research,  “we the people” take positive reviews more seriously if the review was written shortly after the consumer engaged with the business. In these reviews many of us include phrases like “at breakfast this morning…” or “earlier today my mechanic…”We all want to know what to expect from a business. If the reviews are old they do not accurately reflect what we might experience today.

This article added a new twist that I had not thought about in the past. Brooks make the argument that people are more likely to post a positive review online than a negative review simply because they like to brag about the good choices they make in their life.

Negative reviews tend to be more about products and services and are many times considered more credible because they are thought as about the product or service and less about the lifestyle of the reviewer.

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