Since 1995 our founder, Terry Mickelson, has been a visionary, innovator and leader in the world of online marketing. For the first five years in business, few business owners understood the significance of getting online and the opportunity it presented. In spite of others expressing doubt that the internet was anything more than the “CB Radio of the 90’s”, Terry bet his career that it would survive and thrive.A veteran of the “SEO Wars", Terry has started/owned several successful online businesses including

  • 1998 Successful search engine optimization business that he is still a part of.
  • 2002 One of the first link building companies.
  • 2006 Founder of Get Found Local, a Digital Marketing firm that caters to small and medium sized businesses that are dependent on “local” customers.

Hundreds of businesses have collectively made millions of dollars as a result of their relationship with these businesses..

Terry Mickelson has been an entrepreneur most of his adult life, owning offline businesses that specialized in working with small business owners. Terry Lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his Wife Shawna, Dog Vincent and two cats. His hobbies include cycling, wood working and fly fishing.