Yelp Reviews – Use Yelp to find new customers for local businesses

Yelp Reviews are one of the hottest trends in business reviews today, and with good reason. It seems that more people are using these services to rate and comment on local businesses. Local service and retail-based companies have long relied on word-of-mouth to get new customers, but this is the era of the internet. With the power of blogs, websites, and social networks, it’s become easy for anyone with a smartphone to get all the information they need on local businesses.

In order to get published and displayed on the front page of Google, service providers like Yelp need to make sure that their listings are as “pushy” as possible. This means that a business that has two or three bad reviews can get those reviews published instead of the entire directory. That’s why many Yelp businesses that are listed in the Yelp directory are looking at ways to encourage more positive feedback.  A “recommended filter” can be anything from a simple question (like whether or not the business has a handicap parking) to an actual review or score.

Many potential customers don’t have time to go through all of the different reviews on a given business before making a decision. By using a recommended filter, a Yelp review can be seen as a relatively quick read – one that offers the prospect plenty of insight into the quality of service offered.

If the business is very popular, you can also count on them having a large variety of recommendations for any of their products or services. Even if only two or three reviews are highly negative, the small business owner should know that at least five other people and up to 40 people per bad Yelp review have decided to stay away from the business because of the negative reviews.  If a small business receives only one or two good Yelp reviews, the business is probably not asking for their customer’s assistance.  In volume, a Yelp review can provide you with a good indicator of the quality of a particular business.

How much does a bad Yelp review cost your business?

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